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New Website, Special Reward

We recently launched our brand new Real Time Pain Relief website. To celebrate, we are running a very special offer for you. With your first purchase of Real Time Pain Relief from the new website, you will receive a FREE $10 Tube of the Best Smelling, Most Effective, topical pain relief on the market. Simply click on this link:

Note: Your free $10 tube of Real Time Pain Relief will be automatically added to your order at checkout, after you shop and select at least one item for purchase.

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From Satisfied Customers

“I have suffered from nerve pain for 9 years. It originates from my thoracic region of my spine and wraps around my side to my abdomen. I have had numerous CT scans and MRI's and have been prescribed countless drugs to alleviate the pain but none of the worked. When I get stressed the pain increases. There was no treatment available to actually fix the problem.

“That was my condition the day I went to the Saugus Swap Meet and saw a seller with a sign that said "Got Pain?". That morning I had just prayed to God to help me with this pain the sign seemed to be a message from him. I walked over and was given a sample of Real Time pain cream to try. At first, I did not feel the pain change. So I was given a little more to put on my back after 5 minutes. I thought it might be helping so I quickly bought a small tube to try. That was the day my pain finally met it's match. I use it once or twice a day now and have NO MORE PAIN. It is my belief that this cream actually fights inflammation and relaxes the muscles that are around the nerve that causes my pain. I cannot express with words a strong enough recommendation for you to try Real Time cream . I have tried many other creams that were suppose to work but they didn't. Most just made the area hot and the burning sensation would make me feel like it was doing something but it really didn't . This stuff has done such a good job that the pain doesn't even come back anymore. I just put it on to keep the peace now. I can sleep now with no pain. I thank God that I tried it that day. It changed the quality of my life.”


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“Very accommodating.”

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“Very sweet and genuine people. The first two times my wife used it, it helped tremendously! So far would recommend this product & the sellers.”

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“Hello Lynn and Peter, You sold some Real Time to my husband, Mark, at the Ventura flea market last Sunday. He was very enthusiastic to explain it to me, and how it’s all natural. Besides having this neck/shoulder pain (which can go way down in intensity but is acting up right now) I have been trying to detoxify my “whole self” in the past couple months, including all things I apply to the outside. Just want to tell you it is working very well. I’m applying 3x daily, and last night when I woke up, I reapplied as well. It’s really good!!! ... Best to you both, Tina”

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